Why does my mind forget for a second?


Sometimes it becomes impossible to separate the life you've known from the one you're about to have to figure out. 

"This song was born out of a desperate night. I was on the floor of my one-bedroom apartment, back against the wall. I had called everyone I could, but nobody would answer. For the first time in years, I felt so empty of myself. I was absolutely and completely alone and I had no idea how to be." (Majeska)

I can never take another trip back to Graceland.

Routines (like diner-style carrot cake shared at 3am) and rituals (like kissing at stoplights) all disappear. People and places become off limits. It's a unique kind of loneliness enough to drive a person insane.

"I still don't know how I would've made it off my floor and through my door the next day had I not first stopped at my piano and written that song that night. It made me feel how final it all was. But this wasn't the end, this was the first chapter."

Graceland is out everywhere now.

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