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Majeska is in her own world of ultra-bright colors, decade confusion, heightened emotions, and loving people too hard and too often. “It’s not enough to feel nothing!” shouts the music of the Nashville-based pop artist. Her music is about the moment—in a crowd of twenty-somethings waiting for their futures, she demands more out of life than waiting. Why dream about the future when you can dream about the present?

Born in a small town in West Michigan, Majeska was raised by her mother and the music of Stevie Nicks, Tom Petty, Kate Bush, and the like. Her mother knew from an early age that she was musically inclined and thought it sensible to start letting her walk down the street for piano lessons with the neighborhood’s music teacher. After just two lessons, Majeska stopped going. She abandoned the structured curriculum and spent days in her childhood bedroom at her out-of-tune piano. It wasn’t the piano that she loved. It was songwriting.


After moving to Nashville in the Fall of 2015, Majeska joined and fronted rock band “Damsel and Distress.” Being a part of the group unlocked the artist’s “rockstar stage presence” (Imperfect Fifth) and love for touring. But throughout the band’s 4-year life span, nodding back to her secretive way of songwriting from childhood, Majeska stayed up most nights writing and accumulating a catalogue of pop songs. In the summer of 2019, Majeska finally split ways with the band to give life to the songs she claims “rid [her] of the grey and comfortable world she knew and unlocked a much brighter one filled with dancing while you cry.” (Nashville Unsigned).


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