“I want to dance while I cry.” Rising electronic-pop dynamo Majeska Alisha Lynn—now “Majeska”— is no stranger to feeling it all and feeling a lot.


Transferring emotive lyrics and heart-affecting melodies to the rest of the world has freed her through connection. “Through writing and writing with others I’ve learned that none of us are alone. We can be lonely, sure, but we are together in the loneliness.” 


Majeska's electronic-pop sound glints with the fragments of her 80’s-driven inspiration. Growing up in Greenville, Michigan, she was raised in her formative years by her mother and the music of the likes of Kate Bush, Stevie Nicks, and Kim Carnes. She spent much of her childhood hidden in her bedroom singing their songs and writing her own at her out-of-tune piano.


Those classic female voices gave Majeska inspiration for seeking a voice of her own—complete with finding something to say that’s all her own, too. Many newer artists have taken ahold of her heart and creatively influenced her as well: artists like Vera Blue, BANKS, Maggie Rogers, Nina Nesbitt, and Australian trio Mansionair. 


Majeska left her small town Michigan life to pursue music in a place where it was happening and landed in Nashville, TN in 2015. After living in Sydney, Australia for a bit in 2017, she eventually landed back in Music City. Though Nashville is her home, music has taken her on regional tours throughout the Eastern and Midwestern United States, as well as a bit in Canada.


After releasing a series of 3 singles in 2019, Majeska has plans for another series of singles  in early 2020 and an EP in Summer 2020. “In the Dark” is her newest release: a song magnifying the pairing of human desire and fear. It’s out everywhere now.